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Q We live in a semi detached bungalow and have black speckled mould on our bedroom wall which is actually the outside wall.  There are fitted wardrobes against this and the mould has also appeared inside on clothes, shoes etc.  A couple of questions, firstly what should we do?  And secondly is it harmful for us (particularly as we sleep in this bedroom)

A What you describe are classic symptoms of condensation in a bungalow, particularly with fitted cupboards against outside walls. There is a great deal of information on this web site about condensation, a whole collection of questions and answers and an in-depth article about it under 'Informative Articles' (Article 1). The mould should not pose a problem since there are probably more spores outside than inside - even with mould on walls. Be careful however as there are a lot of 'mould is gold' contractors starting up in the UK. If you dry clothes anywhere inside the property this should stop immediately. Where you dry them makes no difference as water vapour will quickly distribute itself uniformally throughout the property. There should be powered extraction in the kitchen and bathroom. The walls and ceiling should be adequately insulated and the heating used constantly as a background heat - not in spurts morning and evening. You may also want to consider buying a domestic dehumidifier which is cheap to buy and run. Am I making any sense with what happens in your home?

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