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Health and Safety is a very important part of any business and various Acts place varied responsibilities upon employers. This pack addresses many of the basic issues but we do not profess to be experts in this field. As different companies have different methods of operation we advise that you should always obtain independent expert Health and Safety advice prior to implementation or use of any CGD document.

CGD 6A: Health and Safety Statement: (Small company)

All companies employing five people or more are required to have a written Health and Safety policy statement. Adaptation of this document should satisfy that requirement as a minimum but you may wish to consider adapting CGD 6L which is a far more in depth and detailed Health and Safety document.

CGD 6B: Health and Safety Review Form: (General)

A general Health and Safety review form designed for periodic use that covers items relevant to the office as well as a slight overlap with the operations side of a preservation company. This form should be regarded as a starting point and you should add or remove items in order to tailor it to your own company's requirements. It should be filed together with records of all actions taken as a result of the items identified as requiring attention by the review. It is always advised that the services of a Health & Safety specialist is sought

CGD 6C: Overall Health and Safety Review Form:

A slightly more in depth review form than Contractor Guidance Documents 6B. The emphasis is more towards the operation side of the company and identifying certain training requirements. As with CGD 6B you should add or remove items in order to tailor it to your own company's requirements. It should be filed together with records of all actions taken as a result of the items identified as requiring attention by the review. It is always advised that the services of a Health & Safety specialist are sought.

CGD 6D: Health and Safety Management and Law:
As an employer you are required by law to manage Health and Safety in order to protect employees and non-employees from risks connected with the activities of your business. General management of Health and Safety includes the management of Health and Safety risks and the management of health and Safety legislation. This document is a very useful guide to the enforcement of legislation relevant to Health and Safety issues.

CGD 6E: Management of Health and Safety:
As an employer you must make and give effect to appropriate arrangements for the effective planning, organisation control monitoring; and review of the preventive and protective measures identified in your risk assessments as necessary for compliance with general duties, other health and safety legislation and fire safety legislation. This document explains certain terminology as well as outlining management procedures and duties that should be in place in order for you to demonstrate the effective management of your company'€™s Health and Safety procedures.

CGD 6F: General Duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

As an employer you have two main general duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act. This document explains these duties and your obligations under the Act.

CGD 6G: Making and Recording Risk Assessment:

An employer is required under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 to make, record, review and where necessary, revise risk assessments relevant to all identified hazards. This document identifies your risk assessment obligations, explains hazard and risk as well as guidance and approach to risk assessments.

CGD 6H: COSHH Assessment Form:

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 you are required to formally undertake an assessment of all processes and materials that either generate or are themselves a substance hazardous to health. This document is an example of an assessment form that may be used for this purpose and is suitable either for a process, a particular material or product.

CGD 6H.1: COSHH Assessment Form (completed example)

This is an example of the CGD 6H form that has been completed with regard to a Chemical Damp Course Fluid.

CGD 6J: Risk Assessment Form:

During the course of your activities as a building preservation company you will undertake activities that will require a risk assessment to be conducted. This document is an example of a risk assessment form that may be used for this purpose.

CGD 6K: Personal Protective Equipment Risk Survey Table:

This form makes you explore the likelihood of various parts of the body suffering injury as a result of the activity for which the assessment is being conducted. Having identified the areas exposed to a hazard the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment may be selected and deployed.

CGD 6L: Health and Safety Statement (Medium size company)

This is a relatively in depth Health and Safety Statement that would be suitable for a medium size company but it may also easily be adapted for use in a smaller organisation. A professional Health and Safety Document will always enhance the standing of your company when you are required to submit you company's statement with tender documents.

CGD 6M: Health and Safety Warning Notice:

It is good practice as well as fulfilling your legal obligations to prominently display a warning notice for the benefit of others before, during and after any treatment takes place. This document is a suggested format for a Health and Safety warning notice. You may wish to adapt the notice so that it is relevant to the products that you are using. (For 'Pack' grouping purposes this document is the same as CGD 5B)

CGD 6N: Personal Protective Equipment Issue/Training Record:

A simple but important form designed to be enclosed in each employee's personnel and training file. Correctly completed this form would be evidence that PPE has been issued and that the recipient has received training in its use.

CGD 6O: Van Audit Form

It is a very good discipline to regularly audit vans used in conjunction with the building preservation industry. It fulfils a practical role as well as maintaining control over your equipment and its condition as well demonstrating a commitment to the health and safety of your employees. This form is a very useful check list for this purpose.

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