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This pack shows you how to layout a professional report for presentation to prospective clients following an inspection for rising damp or penetrating damp in a below ground situation. The pack also contains two standard data sheets for you to enclose with a rising damp report that will help enhance your professional image and prevent repetitive 'standard' clauses from being incorporated into the body of a report. A very useful Pack

CGD 4A: Specimen Rising Damp Inspection Report:

An example of a rising damp survey report of a typical three bedroom property. The report demonstrates a tried and tested lay out formula that incorporates virtually all of the points contained in CGD 2A. Also includes a formal estimate layout.


CGD 4B: A Condensed Specimen Rising Damp Inspection Report:

An example of a shortened rising damp report that advises re-plastering but it does not fulfil all of what is regarded as preferred report content. The use of this type of report is dependant upon enclosing standard data sheets like CGD 4D & 4E.


CGD 4C: Specimen Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) 'Hand Written' Report:

A 'hand written' report and specification that draws upon a few of the standard phrases and lay out of CGD 4F covering the installation of cavity drainage membrane together with perimeter drainage and a sump pump system. Also includes a formal estimate layout.


CGD 4D: Damp Course System and Notes Data Sheet:

This CGD is a data sheet designed to be enclosed with all rising damp survey reports. It covers fourteen basic points applicable to most proposed DPC works and prevents the body of the report from being clogged up with standard phrases. It is often useful in a report to refer to one or several of the notes on this sheet in order to emphasise a point. Enclosing this data sheet helps to maintain client interest when reading a report and portrays a good image.


CGD 4E: Plaster Information Data Sheet:

Re-plastering is one of the most important aspects of rising damp control yet it is often dismissed by some in a sentence or two. This Data Sheet gives the importance of re-plastering the status it deserves. It explains why re-plastering is necessary and contains a re-plastering specification. This type of data sheet should be enclosed with every rising damp report. It is also useful for sending to others who are to be responsible for undertaking the re-plastering.


CGD 4F: Damp Report Standard Phrases:

Unlike timber treatment the control of rising damp in a masonry wall in most circumstances is very similar. A report in connection with the control of rising damp therefore lends itself more favourably to a standard layout and content. This document contains 45 commonly used phrases and paragraphs including general notes, sign offs, estimate, etc, to help create a meaningful professional report. Each of the notes, phrases etc are coded enabling you to save each one under 'auto text' to assist in the word processing of a report.


CGD 4G: Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) Report Standard Phrases:

An extremely useful document that follows a logical sequence to assist with the layout and content of a survey report that recommends the installation of a Cavity Drainage Membrane System. Appropriate references to BS 8102 are made. Contains over 120 standard phrases covering site inspection, membrane and drainage installation, electrics, plumbing, joinery, decoration etc. Each of the notes, phrases etc are coded enabling you to save each one under 'auto text' to assist in the word processing of a report.


CGD 4H: Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) Standard Phrase Sample Report:

This is a mock CDM report created using the standard phrases from CGD 4G. The report also includes an estimate layout together with a CDM Notice of Acceptance that virtually replicates CGD 5C.


CGD 4J: Sump and Pump Service Schedule:

An important aspect of any Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) installation is the regular servicing of any Sumps, Pumps and Drainage that serves the CDM installation. This is a suggested service schedule document for completion on site and signature by the client.


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