As a contractor you invest a great deal of the time and expence when you inspect a property so it is only sensible that you exploit each enquiry to its full potential by producing a report that is professional in its layout and content. This pack contains important guidance for use when compiling a report. Very often it is the content of a survey report or omissions from it that will form the basis of any potential litigation against you.



CGD 2A: Guidance notes on the preparation of a survey report:

A survey report is one of the most important documents that a building preservation company produces so it is important to get it right. Very often the report is also the work sheet/specification and it almost certainly will form the basis of any contract between a company and a client. This document contains twenty seven essential points together with explanations of what should and should not be incorporated into a survey report. Potential litigation 'traps' are highlighted and there is guidance on how to avoid some of them.


CGD 2B: Be Aware of Your Liabilities:

This CGD is a cautionary document that highlights some of the legal responsibilities that a specialist contractor should be aware of especially when offering opinions and writing specifications. Liability associated with the 'free' and 'paid for' survey is explained.



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