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The formation of condensation on cool surfaces in a property is caused by the 'life style' of its occupants - in other words it is how you live and what you do in your property that produces the water vapour that might eventually end up on cool surfaces as condensation.

For example:- If you get into a car on a cold morning often the windows steam up and the more people in the car the quicker this happens. To clear the windows you have to turn on the ventilation fan and heater. So why does this condensation happen? As warm blooded living breathing mammals we introduce considerable amounts of water vapour into the atmosphere just by breathing and perspiring. In the confined space of a cold closed car this water vapour will very quickly condense on cold surfaces the most visible being the inside of the windows. In other words it is you (and any other car occupants) that produced the water vapour and caused the windows to steam up - it was not the car's fault!

Although much bigger, in terms of condensation a property behaves in much the same way as a car. A property that has stood vacant for some time does not usually suffer from condensation as nobody is living in it and no water vapour is being produced.  As soon as occupants move in and start cooking, bathing, breathing and perhaps worst of all drying clothes inside, each of these actions producing quantities of water vapour, there is a significantly increased risk of condensation becoming a nuisance causing mould growth and a characteristic 'musty smell'. This is more likely to happen in poorly heated and poorly insulated properties.

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