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Condensation is without doubt the most common form of unwanted dampness in residential properties in the UK yet sadly many specialist 'damp' surveyors and structural surveyors do not know the procedure or type of readings necessary in order to ascertain whether or not condensation is occurring on a wall's surface at a given moment in time.


This is a constant source of amazement and one must ask how do they definitively differentiate between condensation and rising damp when conducting a survey during winter? It has been suggested by some that specialist damp surveyors do not care too much about condensation as there is little money to be made curing it whereas there is money to be made curing rising damp. Often a misdiagnosis is not intentional but just a lack of understanding and knowledge about condensation. This lack of knowledge could cost you money as it often results in needless work being carried out. An experienced specialist independent survey should prevent this from happening.

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