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Nothing could be further from the truth. Often before double glazing is fitted the single glazed windows 'steamed up' or ran with water on cold mornings. After fitting new double glazed windows hey presto the condensation no longer forms on the windows - in other words it is no longer visible but has it gone away?


Well from the windows yes - but previously the single glazed windows ran with water and in so doing they acted as a dehumidifier removing water vapour from the atmosphere within the property. It is also very probable that the old single glazed windows did not fit as well and they provided a certain amount of 'involuntary ventilation'. By fitting draft free sealed unit double glazed windows the dehumidification effect of the single glazed windows is removed and the 'involuntary ventilation' prevented.


If the life style of the occupants remains unchanged then a proportion of the water vapour that previously formed on the windows or escaped in draughts will very likely form elsewhere. It is not unusual for mould growth to form in corners on walls as a result of condensation after double glazing has been installed.


So does double glazing cure condensation? No it does not - it just shifts it elsewhere.

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