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We see it on consumer programs especially those seeking to highlight ‘dodgy builders’. So why do we not use independent consultants on a more regular basis?

‘As seen on TV’

The building preservation industry is not unique in the way that it operates. We are all vulnerable to varying levels of diagnostic competence during everyday life - be it a washing machine repair company, a garage, a dentist etc. etc. So how do we protect ourselves from these situations? It is always sensible to get more than one opinion but this is not always practical or it leads to two, three or four totally different opinions and recommendations with huge variations in price and you then do not know which one is correct.

One option being used more frequently is to consult a suitably experienced professional or consultant who has no vested interest in the outcome of their diagnosis. The dilemma here though is that a professional opinion will cost money and the public is very reluctant to pay the going rate for a truly independent professional opinion even though in many cases it will save them money and give them peace of mind.

Unless the consultant was recommended to you by someone who has used their services before you will almost certainly have nothing against which to judge the consultant’s ability. Even so this is probably the most sensible course of action to take as the consultant will have specialist knowledge and they will be working for you with in your best interests in mind.

‘As seen on TV’

The reluctance to pay for a professional opinion for a major item is strange especially in view of the fact that the benefit of doing so has been clearly demonstrated on numerous TV consumer programmes. Many of these programmes show a professional locked away somewhere whilst unsuspecting ‘specialist contractors’ are secretly filmed misdiagnosing and prescribing all sorts of unnecessary and expensive work.

Such programmes clearly demonstrate that it is better to pay for an experienced professional opinion and obtain quotations for what the professional considers necessary and not what the speculative contractor tells you is necessary. Your alternative is to pick what you consider for your own reasons to be the best of the conflicting quotations that you received and cross your fingers it is the right one!

Rather than run the risk of picking the wrong one and having unnecessary, costly and disruptive work carried out we would urge you to have an independent survey first. By following this course of action exactly the same work, if it is necessary at all, is being quoted for by everyone making comparison a much more simple affair.

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