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A brief article highlighting the importance of the correct diagnosis of a problem.

The correct diagnosis of any potential problem - be it with a house, a washing machine, a car, your health etc. is essential otherwise procedures undertaken to rectify the problem could be a waste of time and money – and in some cases even cause further problems. For example, if following 'damp treatment' in a property the damp returns or persists it is not unusual for the initial repair work carried out as a result of an original diagnosis to be repeated again. Why does this happen?

The most logical explanation is that in most cases people immediately assume that it is the repair work that has failed which on some occasions may be correct but another possibility is that the original diagnosis and work specification was incorrect and as a result wrong or inadequate repairs were carried out.

The situation is sometimes compounded by the fact that the person who made the original diagnosis is still likely to be involved. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight they may now realise their mistake but are reluctant to admit it because it has cost their client unnecessary expense and disruption. Another alternative is that they just do not have sufficient knowledge and understanding about the presented problem in order to prescribe the correct remedy. In these circumstances they might not have intentionally intended to waste their client’s money but their lack of experience and understanding did.

An independent survey conducted by an experienced qualified person with no vested interest in any work that may be necessary is more likely to get the diagnosis correct.

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